Thursday, July 03, 2008

What The F**k is Social Media? by Marta Kagan

Ok the asterisks are important. Maybe the word offends you, that's why they are there. Whatever Watch this presentation. It contains your future. I'm not kidding, this is Real!

Note: I just realized I did not give credit for this Amazing, Insightful, Genius SlideShow to Marta Z. Kagan.

Marta Z. Kagan

Social Media Evangelist | Online Marketing Pro

I've been trying to say this to everyone I meet, sometimes it falls on deaf ears.
Get a hearing aid, you're not too old.


Shannon said...

Great presentation Mike. The best part being it is easy to understand, even for end-users like myself.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I need to explain to a local organization who's purpose is to help women succeed in small, rural businesses - but they don't have to BE rural - thanks for this!

Unknown said...

Wow this was a great slide show. The shock factor was a lil unnecessary but the points were good!