Thursday, July 10, 2008

Liberate Your Control Freaks!

My friend, Alex Simpson, shared a great Presentation about Social Media over at his blog recently

(Visit him here)

If you enjoyed this presentation - I’d highly recommend making ACID LABS a regular read - better still, go there and subscribe to their RSS feed. When it comes to social media - Stephen Collins and Acid Labs kinda sorta know what they’re talking about - a lot more than me for sure - and that’s why I’m keeping their site on my reader list!

As always, a wee comment wouldn’t go amiss from you 1-2 readers

Alright Alex, I’m stealing this for my New Site too.
I think you’re going to like it! And you’ll be among the first to know about it. So many great ideas floating around, I need to hole up and write some original stuff. I faced this in High School, where I said it’s impossible to be original at this late date. And that God was Man’s symbol of his own deficiencies. Man invented God to be inferior to! Well boy did I get squelched, “Kierkegaard already said that and Blah Blah.” For crying out loud, was he 16? Did he live in a town/city where the most common advice from elders was, “you don’t want to work at the Steel. Get out of here and live!”

Now It’s Get Out and Live! Doesn’t matter from where, Just Do It! (sorry Nike)