Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rapping SEO Tips

Ok, maybe you (and Me too) are not a Rap fan.

But this is pretty awesome and on topic for this group of "marketers."

I ran across this while browsing Chris Baggott's Guide to Blogging Yes another voice about blogging, with a product, who would've believed it. The product is interesting in that it makes the point about Corporate blogging and co-ordinating it as a true business strategy for large corporations or even medium to small businesses with more than one voice.

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I'm impressed by the video and am off to investigate the associated product Conversion site. Well that didn't take long or much effort. The Rapper is variously known as MoSerious, The Poetic Prophet, The SEO Rapper, etc. He's an employee of Pop Labs, and his "personal blog" is Mo Serious Thoughts.

Note: you've heard these disclaimers before, I have no interest, compensation etc. from either of these companies. I am not affiliated, or JV ing with them, just passing along something of interest here.

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